Step 1

Select segment to set for marketplace.

Go owndata segment list page

Owndata Marketplace Manual

Step 2

Sending data to marketplace

Open segment sell modal with the Owndata Marketplace Manualsecond ikon. In this modal you can define price of your data for 1000 impression in DSP. You will earn this price per 1000 impression(CPM). Select time range for yoyr data to sell. Forexample ; If you select 30d, you will sell the data which you collect last 30

Owndata Marketplace Manual

Step 3

Approving process

When you click the save button, your segment will be sending to approval. Our team will check your segment. When they approved, your segment will be shown on marketplace page and the advertisers can buy it.

Step 4

Data buying process on marketplace

  1. Select segments and set the impression count.
  2. Press the Add to Cart button.
  3. Click the purchase selected data button.
Owndata Marketplace Manual

Step 4

(Purchase Modal)

  1. You can set impression count again before the click give order button.
  2. Click the give order button.
  3. You will redirect to Marketplace Order Screen.
Owndata Marketplace Manual

Step 5

Marketplace order page

  1. You can copy the owndata address and pay total amount.
  2. After blockhain network transfer completed you can see your purchased segment in completed tab.
Owndata Marketplace Manual